Normandy Products Company has the largest inventory of PVC fittings in the industry because we produce for inventory, not orders.  Our fittings conform to ASTM D 3034 and all other government requirements.   ...more

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Our corrugated snap fittings are US made and are an excellent way to round out your current inventory of rigid fittings.  They come clean and packaged in cardboard making them look nicer on retail shelves and they run much less of a risk for damage       ...more


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For over sixty years, we, at Normandy Products Company, have been building our business on one simple idea: Give the customer the very best with the best products, the best prices, and the best service possible with the promise that orders will ship on time.  We maintain the largest inventory of PVC Sewer and Drain Pipe Fittings and HDPE Corrugated Snap Fittings in the country.  If an item is in our catalog, it is on our shelf.  Because we maintain the largest raw materials inventory in the industry, we always have what we need to keep our manufacturing operations running helping us to maintain consistent pricing to our customers as resin costs fluctuate.  Our warehouse is staffed seven days a week.  If you place your order on Friday afternoon, one of our warehouse people is there to stage it for shipping first thing Monday morning.

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At Normandy Products Company we take quality very seriously.  We know that our customers count on top quality in both our products and our service.  We take great pride in meeting and exceeding expectations.  From the very first step of the manufacturing process through final delivery, we make quality our number one priority.
The "One Way" DrainGate swings open to allow the free flow of water.  Its design prevents the gate from swinging in the opposite direction keeping pests and debris from clogging pipes.  Fits S&D pipe,